The Kylíndo armchair is an indoor lounge chair. The low seat creates a cosy and intimate ambience.

Kylíndo outdoor

The Kylíndo armchair is an outdoor seat with reimagined proportions. Born from an extrusion of cylinders, a geometric figure derived from the complete rotation of a rectangle around one of its sides.


Marmorino plays with polar opposites of soft and hard materials that create contrasts and combinations of shades.


Silo and Olis are metal coffee tables with a resin top. Their shape derives from the study of railway silos. Hence the ideally light and continuously rotating volume.


Loop is a wall feature that accentuates diffused light with a shape that emphasises a circular movement to give dynamism.


Loom is a wall cabinet that celebrates two excellences of the region: the skill of craftsmenship in the process of bending wood and the Como tradition of weaving.


Kyl is a fabric pouf inspired by the lines of the Kylíndo armchair. The modular pouf is versatile; available in a long version, which can be used as a bench, or a short version.