Silo and Olis are metal coffee tables with a resin top. Their shape derives from the study of railway silos. Hence the ideally light and continuously rotating volume. The lower structure is an interplay of weaves that give it a sculptural appearance, which can also be used as a storage space for light objects.

The top is made of hand-cast epoxy resin. This process produces unique nuances that make each piece of furniture unique, just like a piece of art. Available in two versions (Silo high, Olis low) with the possibility of customizing finishes and colours.

The most beautiful things are unique. Like a painter and his canvas, the fascinating art of resin creation is an irreplicable creative process. Like a constantly evolving fluid, it is unstoppable and unpredictable until the moment of crystallization where the matter solidifies and, as if by magic, everything calms down. The pigmentations of the resin created by the painters always celebrate different suggestive chromatic scales.